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How do I set up an isolation tank for molting?
We do not recommend using an isolation tank for molting crabs. If your tank is set up with the proper substrate there is no need to isolate your crabs during molting. Explanation: The main problem
My crabs are´┐Żburied molting and their sand is starting to dry out. Can I take the crabs out and re-wet the sand?
You should not disturb your crabs while they are molting. Explanation: It is ok if the surface of your sand dries out a little as long as the deeper portion remains moist. If the deep portion is ge
When can I play with my crabs?
Whenever you can see their shell. Explanation: The only time you really do not want to disturb your crabs is when they are buried to molt. Hermit crabs like to dig burrows or tunnels to hang out i
Is it ok to divide my crabitat into areas with different types of substrate?
The acceptability of areas with different substrates depends on how large your crabitat is and how many crabs live in it. Any area filled with loose substrate reduces the available area for molting
Is coconut fiber good to use by itself in a crabitat?
We do not recommend using coconut fiber by itself as substrate for your crabitat. Explanation: One of the main purposes of the substrate in a crabitat is to provide a safe environment for your herm
Is calci-sand a good choice for a crabitat??
Calcium type sand is not the best choice for use in a crabitat. Explanation: Our basic premise of substrate in a crabitat is that it must be kept moist and pack well. This ability provides hermit c
My crabs keep digging holes, completely bury themselves, then come back up for a day or so, and then they start again.
This is perfectly normal behavior, especially for smaller crabs. Explanation: Our cage of small crabs is a maze of burrows, caves and tunnels. Tiny and small crabs love to sleep underground, ofte