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Is it ok to divide my crabitat into areas with different types of substrate?
Last Updated: 07/23/2009
The acceptability of areas with different substrates depends on how large your crabitat is and how many crabs live in it. Any area filled with loose substrate reduces the available area for molting crabs.

Explanation: Hermit crabs love to spend time in moss pits and coconut fiber areas, much like they would in the wild under loose leaves and vegetation. The challenge is that these areas are not suitable for molting. Freshly molted crabs are extremely vulnerable and can be scavenged by other crabs. In a loose environment it takes little effort for another crab to disturb the molting crab. If a molting crab is buried deep in moist sand there is less likelihood that they will be disturbed, or even detected by the other crabs on the surface.

The question arises if a crab is living in a tank that has plenty of protective moist sand as well as a moss pit, will they choose the sand to molt in or will they attempt to molt in the loose substrate. All of our tanks are set up entirely with sand so we do not have the answer to that.

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