Crabtastic Foods Winter Claws (Limited Edition) THCP Bah Hum Bugs
THCP Bah Hum Bugs
Our Price: $3.00
In Stock
Delicious Holiday Blend of beef liver, fruits and nuts. We brought back a Seasonal Favorite.
Small Sputnik Sea Urchin
Small Sputnik Sea Urchin 3Pk
Our Price: $3.50
In Stock
Cute little sea urchin 3 pack. Up to 1_3/16" Opening back in stock.
Polished Petholatus Coco Crab Shack
Coco Crab Shack
Our Price: $3.50
In Stock
Up to 1_3/16" Openings back in stock The Coco Crab Shack is a great gathering spot for your crabs.
Red Sea Fan crabitat decor Natural Babylonia Areolata
Red Sea Fan
Our Price: $8.25
In Stock
Each unique Red Sea Fan is 10 -12" tall.
Small Polished Tapestry
Small Polished Tapestry 4 Pack
Our Price: $3.75
In Stock
Sea Sponge Large
Our Price: $2.75
In Stock
Cute little light weight shells. Their 4 -5 inch size make them perfect for any crabitat.
Groovy White Shell

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