Cholla Climber Large Green Sea Urchins
Cholla Climber Large 3" Diameter
Our Price: $6.00
In Stock
Green Sea Urchin 3Pk
Our Price: $4.00
In Stock
Large Cholla climbing wood approximately 12" long by 3" wide.  Cholla wood is a dried cactus skeleton. Alfonso and Green Sea Urchins
Polished Petholatus Indonesian Driftwood climber for hermit crabs.
Indonesian Driftwood
Our Price: $7.50
In Stock
Limited Quantity of larger sizes Unique gnarled pieces of driftwood, perfect for your crabs to climb on.
Carved Petholatus Crabby Delights Berry Special Fruit Bits
Carved Dolphins and Palms. This Limited Edition is packed with seasonal berries.
Crabby Delights Just Blooms Crabtastic Crabnola Mix
Crabtastic Foods Crabnola Mix
Our Price: $4.00
In Stock
Crabby Delights Just Blooms is a seasonal and limited edition of dried flower petals. Delicious blend of granola, seeds and fruit.
Crabtastic Ground Popcorn
6 delicious flavors: Veggie Claw, Pinch of Green, Sweet Claw, Flower Power, Spring Claw. and (NEW) Pinch of Tropical.

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