Have A Crabtastic Summer THCP Basic Diet
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Our Price: $6.50
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Have A Crabtastic Summer THCP Basic Diet hermit crab food
Delicious summer Blend All natural, preservative free land hermit crab food blend from THCP.
Coco Crab Shack Green Calico Shell - Polished
Our Price: $3.50
In Stock
In Stock
Coco Crab Shack Polished Green Calico
The Coco Crab Shack is a great gathering spot for your crabs.
Babylonia Japonica Shell - Natural THCP Red White n Blue Berries
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Limited Edition for July Only
Our Price: $4.50
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Natural Babylonia Japonica THCP Food of the Month
New larger sizes 1" - 1_1/8" This sweet and tasty color enhancing treat is THCP's July Food of the Month.
Unique Coral Pieces Babylonia Spirata Shell - Natural
Our Price: $10.00
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In Stock
Natural Babylonia Spirata
(New Set) Medium & Large Sized Unique Coral Pieces. Great for crabitat decor.
Barnacle Cluster Extra Large Shark Eye Shell - Natural Shell
Our Price: $8.50
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In Stock
Barnacle Cluster Extra Large Natural Shark Eye
Barnacle Clusters Large are 7 - 10" in size. Each cluster is unique and makes a beautiful addition to your crabitat. Crabs will pick at and eat the barnacles, providing a good alternative calcium source.

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