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AC004 Shell Opening Measurement Caliper Small Hermit Crab Shell 10 Pack Medium Hermit Crab Shell 10 Pack
Shell Opening Measurement Caliper
Our Price: $5.25
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Small Shell 10 Pack
Pack $11.75
In Stock
Medium Shell 10 Pack
Pack $18.50
In Stock
The Hermit Crab Patch Shell Measuring Caliper. Calipers are a useful and accurate way to measure a shell's opening. A variety pack from our Small Shell category. An assortment of opening sizes and shapes to fit small crabs (Overall shell sizes ranging from approximately the size of a dime to a half dollar). A variety pack from our Medium Shell category. Assorted opening shapes and sizes to fit medium crabs (Overall shell sizes ranging from approximately the size of a half dollar to ping pong or golf ball).
Polished Jade Turbo Natural Silvermouth Turbo
Note: In turbo shells with openings above 1_1/2" in size an increment of 1/8" would be sufficient. As an example for a 1_5/8" opening the next size would be 1_3/4" or for a 1_11/16" it would be a 1_13/16".
Polished Green Calico Natural Turbo Stripe Polished Petholatus
A hermit crab favorite! Up to 1_1/16" Openings back in stock
Natural Tapestry Shell Polished Magpie Pearl Gold Mouth Turbo
Available in 1"+ opening sizes
Natural Babylonia Areolata Natural Babylonia Japonica Natural Babylonia Spirata
New larger sizes 1" - 1_1/8"
Natural Fox Groovy White Shell Natural King Crown
Natural Cancellaria Natural Candy Snail Natural Japanese Land Snail
Natural Shark Eye Polished Whale Eye Polished Nautica Stellata Shell
Natural Natica Tigrina Natural Bursa Crumena Natural Rapana Bulbosa
Natural Fernandezi Snail Natural Mountain Snail Shell Natural Thias
Round opening shell for tiny crabs. Round opening shell for small crabs.
Fusi Shell
Up to 1_3/16" Opening back in stock. A hermit crab favorite!