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AC004 Shell Opening Measurement Caliper Polished Jade Turbo Natural Turbo Stripe
Shell Opening Measurement Caliper
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The Hermit Crab Patch Shell Measuring Caliper. Calipers are a useful and accurate way to measure a shell's opening. Note: In turbo shells with openings above 1_1/2" in size an increment of 1/8" would be sufficient. As an example for a 1_5/8" opening the next size would be 1_3/4" or for a 1_11/16" it would be a 1_13/16". A hermit crab favorite!
Polished Petholatus Natural Tapestry Shell Natural Babylonia Areolata
Up to 1_1/16" Openings back in stock Available in 1"+ opening sizes
Natural Fox Natural Japanese Land Snail Natural Rapana Bulbosa
Fusi Shell
Up to 1_3/16" Opening back in stock. A hermit crab favorite!